Key Services

Revenue Collaborator

Is your hotel not meeting your revenue expectations? CannyChoice performs meticulous study of the hotel positioning in the market, conduct research according to the market segment you serve and provide solutions to improvise the revenue. We present professional approach to the enhancement of revenues across all channels of your Hotel. Ensure diligent room rate management in order to meet the demand supply per market standard with the goal of maximizing profits on demand basis. The end result is profit, and Revenue Collaborator from Canny Choice is here to assist you increase revenues.

Preferred Sales Partner

As a Preferred Sales Partner we represent your esteemed Hotel at various regional markets to endow with incremental revenue. CannyChoice carry the factual individuality and SOP of every associate hotel at various regional markets.

It is our responsibility to ensure that your valued property is well-known in our regional markets. We ensure every associate at CannyChoice is efficient enough to understand and represent your property at regional market. We constantly come up with new ideas and innovative thoughts to ensure the continuity of business and customer relationship.

As a Preferred Sales Partner (PSP) we operate as your hotel representative in the regional market with set targets and constant follow-up to ensure the consistent and progressive revenue contribution. Upon the signing of PSP contract we ensure the immediate efforts in captivating your hotel in the regional market and in less time we will contribute revenue for both Rooms and Banquets.

We make sure our hotel partners forecast month on month revenues from regional markets covered by CannyChoice.

We are passionate and have a enormous respect for our hotel partners branding and positioning and one of our goal is to establish the right clientele with the steady revenue for each property.

Pre Opening Consultant

Hotel Pre Opening is a vital platform which needs in depth understanding of a hotel in order to carry the branding and market position as per the mindset of an owner. This is a key step for the hotel establishment and future progress of the business. CannyChoice comes with a team of individuals to ensure the set up of the hotel by verifying and sourcing the check list of all the legal compliance, setting up various vendors to meet the infrastructure requirements for smooth operations, followed by manpower assistance and the brand positioning in the market.

Management Partner

We are a team of industry professional’s work hand in hand with an aim to deliver excellence in hotel operations. As a Hotel Management Partner CannyChoice ensures 360 degrees operations with an accurate strategy of Revenue Management, Upkeep Services, Vendor Engagement, Guest Satisfaction and Learning & Development. We secure the passion and the interest of the Hotel Owner by implementing and delivering the core values of the business while providing the incomparable hospitality services.

Our motto is to earn high credibility from the owners and in the industry by maintaining transparency, integrity and delivering the fair trade practices.